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LET IT BE KNOWN [entries|friends|calendar]
What's Your Top Five?

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HELL . O (is anyone out there?) [14 Oct 2005|02:43pm]

Is this community dead? I hope not. I kinda forgot about it for a while. Ok. Here's my current top five artists:

Death From Above 1979
Marilyn Manson
Del Tha Funkee Homosapien
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HALLOWEEN PARTY!!!! [14 Oct 2005|02:34pm]


Anyone and everyone is invited. Let me know.

We will be giving out 2 $30 gift cards for Applebees. One to best costume, and one to sexiest. We're getting kegs, obviously. Cups are $5 with a costume, $7 without. So dress up, people. And party your fucking hearts out.
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take what's left [17 May 2005|01:35pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Hey I just joined! I'm Nel from Australia. I'm 18.

One my best memories was going on holidays with my best friend, lying on the beach and exchanging top fives. Best way to kill time.

Here's my top five movies:

1) Dirty Dancing
2) Cannibal!: The Musical
3) Fight Club
4) Snatch
5) Ocean's 11

<3 nel.

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[04 May 2005|11:20pm]

[ mood | lonely ]

Hey all,
Just recently joined but it doesn't seem that this community is very active. Nonetheless, I found it through a interest search and it looked cool. I like to make lists. And in honor of my current mood:

My Top 5 Things I miss about my exCollapse )

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Top 5 In iTunes, Good Idea, Bob. [29 Jan 2005|01:33pm]

[ mood | surprised ]

putch_johnson had a great idea in posting his top 5 most played songs in iTunes. Now I will post mine.

1) John Vanderslice - Up and Above the Sea
2) Cake - Frank Sinatra
3) Gunther & The Sunshine Girls - Ding Dong Song (You Touch My Tra La La)
4) Kylie Minogue - Can't Get You Out of My Head
5) Portishead - Cowboys

Strange. I had no idea I listened to those 5 songs the most.

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Top 5 most played Itunes songs [29 Jan 2005|01:17pm]

[ mood | groggy ]

Obviously this has more to do with the way I've been feeling lately than the quality of the songs:

1. Bruce Springsteen- For You- 21 plays
2. Ryan Adams- Cry on Demand- 18
3. The Wipers- Mystery- 18
4. A.C. Newman- Miracle Drug- 17
5 John Cale- Hallelujah- 16

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top 5 albums... [28 Jan 2005|10:59pm]

[ mood | fucking boredom ]

not necessarily in this order, because I don't feel they're comperable to place one on top of another...

1.) pink floyd - wish you were here
2.) faith no more - the real thing
3.) portishead - dummy
4.) tool - aenima
5.) alice in chains - jar of flies

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My top five things at "Old Country Buffet" [28 Jan 2005|03:13pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

1. Mac and Cheese
2. Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
3. Cinnamon Rolls
4. Coffee
5. Cottage Cheese

Note: If I ever get rich I'm getting a bar installed in my basement with OCB mac 'n' cheese on tap.

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I'm a Cinephile [27 Jan 2005|12:46pm]

My Top Five Filmmakers in no order:

~Jean-Pierre Jeunet
~Cameron Crowe
~Charlie Kaufman
~Stephen Frears
~Ridley Scott
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Repulsive things, in order [27 Jan 2005|10:17am]

[ mood | curious ]

1) Belly button
2) Republicans
3) Excrement
4) Heavy traffic
5) Saliva

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i will swing this stuff like? [26 Jan 2005|02:21pm]

Well okies I will give my top five things to drink as of now.

* Chai tea lattes
* sweetened lipton iced tea
* peppermint shnapps in hot chocolate
* grasshoppper (mint latte)
* orange juice!
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[25 Jan 2005|07:20pm]

Top five music of right now in no particular order:

Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata
HIM - the Beginning of the End
Dntel - Anyone Anywhere
Meshuggah - I
Muse - Apocalypse Please

Heh, yeah I probably only put Beethoven down to be an ass. Just so we're clear. Even though I do like Beethoven.
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Hmmm... I'm gonna try this thing out [25 Jan 2005|07:29pm]
My Top Five Favorite Songs To Laugh At:

1. Johnny B.-"American Girls"

And that's all because every other song sucks compared to that.

Love always,
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Example 2 [25 Jan 2005|04:07pm]

Another example of what you can post in this community. And me venting.

Top five "I'm ultra pissed at my roommate/best friend" songs.

1) The Ramones - Beat on the Brat
2) The Postal Service - This Place is a Prison
3) Smashing Pumpkins - An Ode to No One
4) Nine Inch Nails - Somewhat Damaged
5) Failure - Pitiful
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WELCOME! [25 Jan 2005|02:37pm]

Hello everyone. I'm sure everyone has at least a dozen interests they could make top five lists for. I know I do. This is going to be so much fun. I'll start with a top five list of my favorite songs to hear right when I wake up.

1) The Postal Service - Such Great Heights
2) Modest Mouse - Float On
3) Radiohead - Fake Plastic Trees
4) David Bowie - Life on Mars
5) Stevie Wonder - Superstitious
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